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Start with love, focus on the healthy and happy life of pets, provide the most considerate service for pet lovers and provide pets with the highest quality product experience.

Yantai Skyblue pet Products Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Yantai, Shandong province. HIGHPY PETS, HIGHPY DOG and HIGHPY CAT are Skyblue PET's own brands. At present, we have cat products and dog products. Covering pet snacks, pet chews, pet wet food and other products, with a complete range. We rely on the young and innovative team, based on technology to lead new trends and provide pet food that meets the preferences of modern pet lovers.

Shandong is the main producing area of chicken products, guaranteeing the continuous, stable and high-quality supply of raw materials from the source. With the advantage of unique geographical location, we integrate from product research and development to production and marketing to form a perfect pet food supply chain. While ensuring the quality, we shorten the product delivery time, so that our products have more price advantages, and fully reflect our "super cost-effective" product concept.

Adhering to the business philosophy of customer-centered, carefully creating perfect quality and carefully protecting the healthy and happy life of pets. We have served thousands of families and become a new force in the pet food industry.


Corporate Culture


Vision: Promote Quality Life with Pets, Create a Global Pet Industry Eco-chain


Mission: Respect All Life, Embrace with Love!


Brand concepts: Start with love, focus on the healthy and happy life of pets.

Why Choose Us

The fully integrated Yantai Skyblue pet Products Co., Ltd's chicken line(Feeds production, broiler breeder breeding, chickshatching, broiler feeding and slaughtering) guarantees the qualified materials for premium pet snacks.

We have passed the certification of ISO22000, BRC(audited and certified by SGS)and HACCP, also has qualified to get the registration to USA FDA/Russia/Japan/Korea. Relying on the integrated Feed production/Broiler breederbreeding/Chicks hatching/Broiler feeding/Broiler slaughtering, all of the chicken rawmaterials can be 100% guaranteed in the drug residue and traceability control. We have sold our products to the USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany, Holland,UK, Belgium, Finland, Sweden,Czech, Poland,Spain, Australia etc. Chicken Series/DuckSeries/Seafood Series/Beef Series/Lamb Series/Rawhide Series wrapped with differentmeat/Mixed Series of different meat with Vegetables and Fruits can be supplied indifferent shapes and palatability. We will sustainably focus on producing premium pet snacks and only supply healthy and nutritional snacks for all the pets from the world.

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